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RE: FTP upload speed problem and buffer size

From: Niels Heyvaert <>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 16:23:54 +0000

Just to add to this topic, I've been experiencing the same problem using curl to download files from an http url.
Using a browser the download went much faster when compared to curl. When using the proxy as it was configured in the browser, the speed did not improve either. The files were on a server on the intranet, so there was no need for the proxy anyway.
 -- Microsoft gives you windows, Linux gives you the whole house.> Subject: Re: Re: FTP upload speed problem and buffer size> Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 17:07:31 +0200> From:> To:> > > Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 10:01:30 -0700> > From: Dan Fandrich> > Subject: Re: FTP upload speed problem and buffer size> > To:> > Message-ID: <>> > Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii> > > > > There's no direct equivalent, but CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE is set as a side> > effect> > of --limit-rate.> > > > curl can sometimes try a couple of different FTP modes before> > finding the correct one to use which will cause a measurable slowdown> on> > a high-latency connection. If you know which one is usable you can> have> > curl use it directly (e.g. --disable-epsv, --ftp-port, --ipv4).> > Something similar holds for the CWD method as well (--ftp-method), and> the> > Nagle algorithm can also increase latency (--tcp-nodelay).> > I tried with various options you mentioned and other, without> performance improvement. The problem is not the connection time but the> transmission time. Just to give an idea:> > - with command line FTP about 500 kbytes/sec> - with curl about 70 kbytes/sec> > Forcing the buffer size of command line FTP to the same of curl (thas> is, I suppose, 16384 bytes), with "ftp -w 16384 ...", I get about 250> kbytes/sec, again significantly faster than curl.> Active or passive FTP doesn't change the speed.> O.S.: Windows 2003 Server. I tried both with curl 7.15.1 and 7.17.0.> > Thank you and good bye, Ivan Makale> > >
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