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post textarea field with the content from a text file

From: Qianqian Fang <>
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 19:42:49 -0400


I am trying to use wiki engine as a simple cvs system. The particular
wiki I am testing
is UseModWiki, the example posting page can be found at

there is a textarea, and a few hidden fields. what I want is to post a
text file on my disk
as the content of the testarea (field=text).

curl -F text=@Redbird.f90 -F oldtime=1158794874 -F title=Redbird_source
-F summary=Initial -F Save=Save

 I found "text=@filename" statement does not work for this situation, it
failed to paste the
content of the file as the field, instead, it used the filename as the

I am wondering if there is a solution for this application?

thank you

Received on 2006-09-21