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Problem linking to recv on HP-UX

From: Blackburn, Gary (HHS/RHRC) <>
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006 21:21:28 -0400

I'm trying to compile curl for an HP-UX 11 box, and I can't get
configure to complete.


This is the relevant output:


$ ./configure --prefix=/home/blackbur/bin/ --with-ssl=/opt/openssl


checking types of arguments for select... int,int *,struct timeval *

checking for sys/types.h... (cached) yes

checking for sys/socket.h... (cached) yes

checking for recv... yes

checking types of arguments and return type for recv... unknown

configure: error: Cannot find proper types to use for recv args


I've verified that recv is installed, and configure can find it, too,
but for some reason it can't detect the arguments and return types.


Is this a bug in the way that curl looks at recv, or is there something
wonky with my setup?


I need to compile my own version so that I can implement the fix
described at and use curl
to connect to a WS-FTP server.




Received on 2006-09-04