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RE: OpenVMS cURL won't connect SSL

From: Jochen Roderburg <>
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 10:49:33 +0200

Zitat von Mark Ripley <>:

> Thank you - I did exactly as that page suggested, appending the
> key starting with BEGIN and ending with END to cacert.pem in [democa]
> I get the same error, but this command openssl s_client -connect
> will connect to the address that cURL won't without --insecure
> I've also tried curl --cert to point at the key with no success.

Maybe you better should have tried --cacert instead ? ;-)

--cacert is for server certificates, --cert is for client certificates

If the openssl connect works *without errors* then you could also point curl to
the openssl certificates directory with --capath (you must then of course find
out where this is in your openssl installation).
There seems to be no curl option to just use the openssl defaults.

Best regards,

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Received on 2006-09-01