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Re: curl: (26) failed creating formpost data

From: Laurent Humbert <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 13:13:00 +0100

>> I must have made a mistake when I first tried it. I'm calling curl
>> thru AppleScript some setting up commands with quotes etc.. can be
>> a little tricky.
> Quotes in AppleScript have driven me to BBEdit worksheets for
> handling curl. I did, though, create some doggerel which helps for
> curl via AppleScript. It uses as opposed to "do shell
> script". That allows display of curl's progress "bar" and makes
> quoting easier.
> <> # The
> read-me
> <>
> <>
> There is also the "quoted form of" construct in AppleScript which
> backslashes the backslashes which escape the quote characters
> appropriately - - if that makes any sense at all.

Thanks very much, I'll have a look. Regarding progress bars, I
managed to implement one in my AppleScript Studio app by calling "do
shell script" asynchronously, getting the command's pid number, and
redirecting stderr to a tempfile. Then in my idle loop as long as
curl's process is running, I parse the last line of the file to know
how far in the upload/download curl is.


Received on 2006-01-26