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Re: SSL Key password from environment variable and not from the command line

From: Juergen Brauckmann <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 15:30:20 +0100

Rich Gray wrote:
> Why not have a command line option that inserts a specified environment
> variable at that point in the command line, much as -K includes a
> specified file? Either modify -K to have a special syntax for using
> an environment variable rather than file or add something like
> --config-env <env var name> which works like -K.

Just to understand it, a call with this new parameter would look like
the following example?

EXPORT PASS_SSL=--pass somesslpassword
EXPORT PASS_PROXY=--proxy-user someproxyuser:someproxypassword

curl --proxy myproxy.xy \
      --config-env PASS_PROXY \
      --cacert serverchain.pem --cert client.cert\
      --config-env PASS_SSL \


Received on 2006-01-12