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Re: Problem using Ftp ssl through proxy.

From: Martijn ten Heuvel <>
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 20:53:11 +0100

Ben Madsen - Mailing List schreef:
> I think your problem is that, like many others, your proxy server
> don't support FTPS. Proxy servers that don't support FTPS don't know
> how to decode the SSL encrypted communication that needs to exist
> between the client and the server.
> See here for a list of compatible clients, servers and proxy servers:
> However, looking at the specs for your proxy, it looks like it does
> support SOCKS, which I think Curl supports as well. Maybe try using
> the SOCKS proxy settings for your communications.
> -Ben
Hi Ben, others,

Thanks for the assistance. I still think it's gotta do with curl. I've
completed soms tests using FileZilla under windows xp. It was REALLY
slow, so you're propably right. Did get it to work though, even
communicating with the outside world. Had to put a couple of holes in
the firewall which isn't my favourite method, but it works.

Thanks for the assistance though, Daniel's remarks about the proxy made
me switch to plan b..

Received on 2006-01-05