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From: Bael <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 05:12:56 -0700

I don't manually enter any cURL cmds a command like window, thats what i'm
trying to explain to you, the batch file does everything automatically, but
here are the curl cmds the batch file send in curl, it is actually all on 1
line, but for explanaion and easier reading, i've split it up:

*-d "uptime=42112"** - the information i actually want for my script**
**-d "user=Bael"** - my script requires authentication before it will accept
any POST data**
**-d "pass=MyPass"** - same as above*
*url = ""
<>** - this is the url that
the data is posted to <>

so what happens is the batch file generates a .nfo with all that in it, so
because fot hat i need to use the -K cmd to open it as a config file and
send the information within it, which is where this line in the .bat file
comes in:

* *%uTpath%curl.exe -K %uTpath%uptime.nfo**

which translates as:

run curl, and send:

**-K C:\Path*\to\* uptime.nfo*
uptime.nfo bieng the file containing all the information i require sending
mentioned above.

now i experimented myself while i was waiting for replies, and i added the
"@pause" cmd at the end of the .bat file, so the command prompt window would
stay open after posting the data, and cURL is actually trying to open the
URL i entered, as in display the picture in the command prompt window, and
ideas how to fix this??

Received on 2005-06-23