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From: Bael <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 04:39:15 -0700

Hi i posted this in the feedback section of the curl site, adn i was asked
to post it here, so this is the main post, adn replies i made:

*hi, i am currently making a php script that requires data from a local file
posting to it at a certain time, now i have evrythign setup as it would, the
problem is not the setup as it works when posting to a regular URL, but seen
as though i'm using a apache server, when posting to localhost using the -K
cmd my computer beeps, and i it doesnt get posted, but the wierd thing is i
can post to the same localhost .php file with the -d cmd...hope this is
making sence to you all lol, here's what i have: *

*@echo off set uTpath=C:\Server\www\baelsdimension\devampsig\uptime\<http://www%5cbaelsdimension%5cdevampsig%5cuptime%5c/>%uTpath%uptime.exe
echo -d "user=Bael" >> %uTpath%uptime.nfo echo -d
"pass=MyPassword" >> %uTpath%uptime.nfo echo url = ""<>>>

*this is a .bat file, that when ran, runs a .exe file that generates a .nfo
file that has the info i need posting, and also adds other variables to it,
after the .bat has been run, the end result of the .nfo file is this: *

*-d "uptime=11707" -d "user=Bael" -d "pass=MyPassword" url = ""<>

*i've also tried the " <>" with "localhost"
instead. *

*now to get this all posted, i'm using a plugin for winamp called AMIP, so
that everytime winamp starts up, the .bat script will be run, and the data
posted to the provided url, here is the data i have in AMIP: *


*now, whenever i start winamp my computer starts beeping, and the data does
not get posted, although i have this information also in AMIP for when a
song is played in winamp: *

http://localhost/baelsdimension/devampsig/amp.php *

*which works fine, does anyone have anyidea as to what is going wrong?? or
is this just a bug in cURL or is there somethign wrong with anyone of my
data files?? *

*Thanx, Bael *

*any help is greatly appreciated :)


*then a reply was made:

*I don't understand. *

*Please tell us the exact curl command lines you use when you post this
question to the curl-users mailing list instead - and preferably you include
the full --trace-ascii dumps. :-)


*Then i replyed again with this:
*<reply 1> that is everything, i dont actually use the curl.exe myself, it's
scripted to do everythign automatically, heres what happens a .batch file
runs an .exe file that gets data i require posting to my amp.php, that .exe
would be uptime.exe then the batch file adds the lines, user, pass and URL
to the NFO file that contains all the data i need to upload, i now have it
setup different, so now the batch file runs curl.exe, and inputs all the
data from uptime.nfo into curl, and posts it to the url in uptime.nfo *

*heres the batch file: *

*@echo off *

*set uTpath=C:\Server\uptime\ *

*%uTpath%uptime.exe *

*echo -d "user=Bael" >> %uTpath%uptime.nfo echo -d "pass=MyPass" >>
%uTpath%uptime.nfo echo url = ""<>>>

*%uTpath%curl.exe -K %uTpath%uptime.nfo *

 *first it generates a file called uptime.nfo which looks like this after
been generated: *

*-d "uptime=42112" -d "user=Bael" -d "pass=MyPass" url = ""<>

*after that, you can see in the .bat file the line: *

*%uTpath%curl.exe -K %uTpath%uptime.nfo *

*this line runs curl.exe then inputs the cmd *

*-K C:\Server\uptime\uptime.nfo *

*hopefully now you see what is happening....but i spent soem time with it,
and i got it fixed everything is posting as it should be... but i have still
a problem....everytime i post data to the URL my computer Beeps, and it is
really annoying, the data stil gets posted, but the beeping goes on for liek
30seconds after every POST. any ideas how to fix it? *

*Hope you guys can help me with this beeping, it's very annoying, thanx,
Received on 2005-06-23