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RE: HTTP - Delete

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Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 10:06:40 +0100


The server needs to implement the http protocol "DELETE" request and authorize it.
Then again almost no browser supports this feature (AFAICT).
ref:, section 5

You can also build a CGI interface, and solve it there, using query or form based input.
That can also have the advantage of doing somthing immediately with the uploaded data.
HTTP PUT, just places a file, A HTTP POST of a will upload a bunch of mime encoded data and
many tools (Perl CGI script/PHP scripting) will interpret this into fields & files as was specified
in the form. If you need to post-process this data you can then immediately initiate handling of it.

This handling should not take long, you can run into IP timeouts or people that submit data many times because
there was no reaction.

Kind regards,

Nico Baggus

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Is there a way to delete a file on a remote server using HTTP/HTTPS?

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