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An idea on separate options for different URLs

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 23:09:45 +0200 (CEST)


I would like to enhance the tool curl to make it able to deal with options set
to specific URLs, so that we can make multiple requests easily, using a single
command line (and thus use persistent connections etc).

It struck me the other day that perhaps the best way to support this, would be
to introduce a totally new kind of separator that is not an option (that
starts with - or --) and not a URL (that would start with a letter or number),
but perhaps should be something like... ':'! (Picked because it is not special
to most shells, such as '!', '#', '&' or different parentheses etc are).

I realize this is totally unorthodox but it isn't an option, it just separates
options, and it isn't a URL...

Let me give you a few examples, to show you how it would work:

make a POST, a GET and then a HEAD:

         curl -d "moo" URL1 : URL2 : -I URL3

make an upload then download it:

         curl -T uploadthisfile URL : URL

you could still do multiple URLs in each part, like to download three URLs,
then upload two files:

         curl URL1 URL2 URL3 : -T file[1-2] URL4

... each ':' would reset all options so you need to repeat options you want
for all "sections". Like if you want to do a GET and a HEAD, both using the
verbose option:

         curl -v URL1 : -I -v URL2

Or can anyone come up with a better separator? Or even a better system that is
easier to use?

I'm interested in your feedback!

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Received on 2004-07-31