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Re: Curl leaving lots of Apache threads around - why?

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2004 08:22:56 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 30 Jun 2004, spage wrote:

> The last thing in my curl --trace log to an Apache2 server is:
> == Info: Connection #0 left intact

This is a minor bug in curl that makes it not write the final "Closing
connection #0" message to the --trace file.

I just found and fixed this flaw in the curl tool.

If you use -v instead of trace, you'll see that line.

If curl doesn't close the socket and shut down the TCP stream in this case,
you're experiencing a bug in curl I haven't seen and I cannot see using a
recent version.

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Received on 2004-07-01