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Re: Help Using command line cURL with an ASP site

From: Mike Juvrud <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 10:55:06 -0500

This is a follow up to previous messages:

Daniel, thanks for the previous responses!

It appears that I was not locked out of the DB after all - it just so
happens that as I was running my script and encountered the problem, the
web admin was screwing up the database I was attempting to access. What
kind of timing is that!?

I contacted the web admin and there are no checks or restrictions on
accessing the data. This morning the DB was repaired and cURL downloaded
the entire contents in no time.

Now, on to reconstituting the DB from the web pages...the fun part ;-)

So the tips provided, and the command line options mentioned in my
previous post (6/13) worked like a charm. Thanks again!


* QUOTE * 6/10/2004
"...I am looking for help in extracting records from an online

* QUOTE * 6/13/2004
"...It appears that the database has locked me out somehow..."

Mike Juvrud
Mud Labs
Glenwood, MN, USA

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