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Create certificate to POST data

From: Job Velde, van de <>
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 10:26:23 +0200

To everybody,

I hope anybody can help me.

I use CURL to POST a file to a server of one of our clients. It works with HTTPS, my CURL program accepts the certificate of the server, but I have to log in to the server of my own identifcation with username and password.

Now, the client asked me to create a own certificate to send from my client to the server to identificate me. I watched on the OpenSSL site how I can do this. I found enough data but not the right thing.

When I create a ca-certificate and a new request and I want to use that, I get the message in Curl:

== Info: Proxy replied OK to CONNECT request
== Info: unable to set private key file: 'C:\Documents and Settings\JOVEL\Desktop\Curl\cert\cacert.pem' type PEM

== Info: Closing connection #0

Can anybody help me to make a right certificate and tell me how I use this in Curl. I know I have to send a part of the certificate to our client, but which part?

Help me...please!

Kind regards,

Job van de Velde
User Support Officer
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Received on 2004-06-09