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RE: RE: ssl static libs for windows.

From: shlomit lisser <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 18:33:58 +0200

Hi Again!

What puzzle me is that MSVC make file you are leting download,
it was never tested? because it does suppose to link to openssl
static libs. I'm talking about Makefile.vc6.


>Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 18:23:32 +0200
>From: Shlomit Lisser <>
>Subject: RE: RE: ssl static libs for windows.
>Yes, I already tried to make those static libs myself, I'm having a lot of
>problems activating
>the scripts supplied by openssl. I do have perl, ( version 4) DO I need to
>update it?
>any how the sources of openssl are not coming with a clear context
>information so I'm
>not sure hoe to make the workspace for each library. The Win32/Mingw32
>that you have mentioned - is it a free and user friendly?
>I might change into it
>Thanks anyhow,
>The download for the Windows openSSL files contains only the .dll files;
>it doesn't include the .libs.
>The Win32/Mingw32 devel edition of curl has static and dynamic minGW link
>libraries (.a files actually) for libcurl (which in turn links to libssl).
>If you're looking for MSVC .lib files, you'll need to make your own, as
>no-one on this list has contributed such a beast. I'm sure Daniel would be
>willing to post them for others' use, if you're willing to make them.
>- Kevin

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