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RE: Relationship between Curl and Snoopy

From: Fluteau Jerome ICM N PG U PLM A 2 <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 10:10:05 +0100

If you want to extract and post data from/to http and https web sites from
PHP, actually Snoopy is not necessary.
Snoopy is a class which can use Curl (espacially for https problems). It
includes a lot of HTML parsing, posting functions etc.
I tried to use it and it worked pretty well with http but not with https and
therefore not with Curl.
FYI Snoopy is not using the PHP module but the Curl command line tool. And
then as far as I understood, you just need
to indicate into the Snoopy configuration file the path of the Curl
executable...That's all what I know...
For the parsing/posting thing I've just coded what I needed (sometimes it is
really better to do this by
your own because you know exactly what the program does...)
If you need some code, just tell me what you need exactly maybe I could


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On Sun, 5 Jan 2003, Mike Stephens wrote:

(Since Snoopy is a PHP thing, I CC my reply to the curl and php list, where
you may get more fruitful replies than on the curl-users list)

> I want to extract and post data from/to http and https web sites from PHP.
> Curl seems to do the job beautifully but I see Snoopy recommended for this
> purpose. An advantage is said that it doesn't require anything loaded on
> your server. This is a big plus for me if it is true since I will be
> running on a shared box where I don't think I can load executables (apart
> from a standard configuration including PHP).
> Snoopy documentation is difficult to find. Looking at one version of the
> library it seems to be trying to use Curl.
> What is the relationship between Curl and Snoopy? What are the pros and
> cons of using either one?

Curl has no relationship at all with Snoopy. Snoopy may use it, I don't

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