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Re: cURL and .pac files

From: Ralph Mitchell <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 03:24:15 -0500

Anybody that wants to try it on their own .pac scripts:

    1) Fetch the javascript interpreter from
( the current version is js-1.5-rc4a.tar.gz.

    2) Unpack the tar file, go into the js/src directory and build the
standalone javascript interpreter with: gmake -f Makefile.ref

    3) You'll find the interpreter under a subdirectory named like your platform
type (I guess). On my RedHat Linux box the path to it is:

    4) The tricky part was finding the 12 builtin scripts. The file they're in
is called nsProxyAutoConfig.js, and it's somewhere in the tree.
Sorry, I can't be more helpful with that - I found it via the search engine...
Approximately halfway down the file you'll find "var pacUtils =" followed by the
builtins. I extracted them to another file and removed the extraneous quotes
and \n"+ characters.

    5) Add your .pac file to the end of the builtins, add a further line that
looks something like this:

            print (FindProxyForURL("", ""));

    6) Push the whole mess through the javascript interpreter:

            js/src/Linux_All_DBG.OBJ/js myproxy.pac

Depending on the URl you paste on the end, you should get "DIRECT", or
"PROXY" or something similar.

OK, this is not the greatest hack in the world, but it kinda sorta works...
Something along the lines of:


    curl -o proxy.pac
    proxyornot=`echo "print (FindProxyForURL(\"\",
\"\"));" | \
        cat builtins.pac proxy.pac - | js`

    if [ "$proxyornot" = "DIRECT" ]; then
        curl ......
        # some other stuff to extract the proxy name from the variable and paste
it into
        # the curl call...

will tell you if you need to use your proxy or not. Of course, it would be
really nice to see this embedded in cURL... :) That's going to take some
effort, I think, though there are notes on regarding embedding the
javascript interpreter into an application. I just haven't had time to pursue
that yet.

Ralph Mitchell

Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> [snip...] I guess the next step would be you telling us how to proceed to
> build this
> test setup you used to verify this. Then we need to incorporate this into
> libcurl in a suitable fashion.
> It would basicly be a little libcurl-using client within the library itself,
> that would fetch the .pac first, and pass it through SpiderMonkey to figure
> out the correct proxy setting and the proceed. The .pac file would then
> probably be cached internally and the proxy gets re-evaluated whenever a new
> URL is used.
> --
> Daniel Stenberg -- curl groks URLs --

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