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Project cURL Summer Planning 2002

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 14:14:44 +0200 (MET DST)

The summer is approaching, and I intend to keep an old habit of mine and get
away from the civilization during my upcoming vacation.

I'll be *completely* absent starting June 27th. I won't be back until the
very last few days in July.

It isn't that I think anyone will be in any trouble, as we have a pretty
large crowd of active developers and skilled people involved. This is more an
informational that you can't expect me to reply to any of all the questions
that'll continue flying around even then.

To take some precautions, I intend to release 7.9.8 at least two weeks before
I take off, to reduce the risk of me leaving just after having released an
oops in the release (experience tells me things like that happen in
situatiosn just like that ;-)).

So, with a second pre-release just now being put on the web site's beta page, I believe we're closing in to that date. Please
check this out. Report any problems you see.

Now, continue with whatever you were doing. Don't mind me. Move on. There's
nothing to see here. :-)

    Daniel Stenberg -- curl groks URLs --
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Received on 2002-06-04