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need curl for RH 7.1

From: Eric Wood <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 07:38:25 -0500

I read the write-up at:

I understand since PHP-4.0.2, I can hook into curl. This would be a great
intoduction for me. I see that RH 7.2 has curl and PHP has a module
loaded in the /etc/php.ini file. However, I'm having to stick to RH 7.1 for
technical reasons, and RH 7.1 doesn't have curl. I have PHP 4.0.4 so you'd
think I'd have it, but I don't.

Can someone point me to a RH 7.1 compatible .rpm and proper config of the

-Eric Wood
Received on 2002-01-25