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Patch to initialize errorbuffer, makefile.dist for vc

From: SM <>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 22:33:45 +0400


When cURL cannot connect to a site, it returns an error 7 and prints the
contents of errorbuffer. The errorbuffer isn't initialized beforehand. I
made a patch to src/main.c to fix that. This should avoid any funny
characters from being displayed when the contents of errorbuffer is not set.

Daniel, please apply the patch the src if you find it correct. I'm not
sure whether previous version of cURL were displaying a verbose error such
as "cannot connect to hostname".

I also made two changes to the makefile.dist in the root cURL directory.
The lib/makefile.vc6 requires a cfg=build-version switch. I modified the
parameters for the command line build to work with VC.


Received on 2001-11-21