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Re: Errors running test suit when building

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 11:28:22 +0200 (MET DST)

On Sun, 13 May 2001, Ross Kendall wrote:

> I managed to configure and build curl OK (on two similar SuSE 7.1
> intel/linux boxs with gcc 2.95.3) however I get these errors when running
> the test suit. how serious are these errors.

They're of varying degree of importance. See further down.

> Can I ignore the errors, or do I need to fix them.

Well, there's a newer release of curl available that you could fetch instead.

> I also built it on another SuSE box that was almost identical but I only
> got the error with test 15 (the only difference that I can think of is
> that it had a 2.4.3 kernel instead of 2.2.16).

Test 15 fails for everyone, and is doing so because I forgot to update the
test data file before I released 7.7.2. It doesn't mean anything though.

> data FAILEDtest 16...OK
> test 101...log/generated.tmp and log/stored.tmp differ
> protocol FAILEDtest 102...OK
> test 103...log/generated.tmp and log/stored.tmp differ
> protocol FAILEDtest 104...OK
> test 108...log/generated.tmp and log/stored.tmp differ
> protocol FAILEDtest 109...OK

This is a problem with the IPv6 support (and more specificly, doing PORT
operations over FTP). I bet you didn't have that enabled on the other

This is a known problem with curl+IPv6, run configure with --disable-ipv6 to
work around this (or fix the problem in the sources if you're up to that kind
of stuff).

> I only want to use curl with PHP (and SSL), does this mean that I will
> only be using the libraries.

Yes it does.

> If so, are these errors still a problem.

Well, curl is hardly anything but a wrapper around libcurl so most of these
tests excersise the library a lot.

> I'm feeling pretty ignorant at the moment, so please bear with me
> (normally I would put a bit more effort in to being less ignorant, but I
> don't have the time). I did also try the just released curl-7.7.3
> however it tells me I have to install stunnel to run the tests (do I also
> need to install stunnel to use it?).

The stunnel "error" is another forgotten item on my behalf. It is simply a
smallish perl module that looks for stunnel in your system, as it can run the
SSL tests then. The test suite is meant to run fine without it though.

If you want to run the full test suite, stunnel will be a required tool.
stunnel is however not needed for anything else but for the test suite.

I hope this cleared the mist a bit... Just ask again if you still are

  Daniel Stenberg -- curl project maintainer --
Received on 2001-05-13