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RE: FTP put PASS/PASV problems

From: Rich Gray <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 11:08:35 -0400

A packet sniffer reveals that the difference between curl and the native ftp
clients is that after receiving the server's "230 User Logged in", the
client initiates the following exchange:

client: SYST
server: 215 Unix Type: L8

Recognizing another Unix, the client immediately switches to binary mode:

client: TYPE I
server: 200 Type set to I.

The client then prompts ftp>, gets my put command and proceeds with a
successful PORT and transfer.

Soooo, maybe we are dealing with a stupid state machine in the PIX firewall
(since curl -P - worked to this server from a firewall-less system.) How
this mucks up the curl PORT command, I still don't understand. I guess the
next thing to try is to move the TYPE command back prior to the PORT
command. If that doesn't fix it, throw in a gratuitous SYST exchange too.
This solution is a little bit nonsensical in that an ASCII transfer should
not require a type command... I can't seem to restrain from our native
clients from the above exchanges, so I guess I'll just have to see if I can
get curl to mimic things.


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Received on 2000-06-09