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Google Summer of Code

We applied up to become a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2008, and on this page we collected ideas that could serve as starting points when students want to write up a project idea for curl!

However, we were not lucky enough to be one of the selected organizations when Google announced the accepted ones on March 17 2008. The not accepted status is without motivation so we can only guess why this happened: too small/informal organization? Too crappy ideas page? Too few existing mentors listed? I don't think the actual application form was bad since it was very similar to the one I used for another project that was accepted...


New Protocols

Improving existing stuff

Provide New Functionality

Further sources to get ideas on what to work on is our KNOWN_BUGS and TODO documents.


These guys are volunteering to mentor students:

Daniel Stenberg
Alessandro Vesely

To become a mentor, you need to sign up for an account to google if curl gets accepted.


Google Summer of Code 2008 Frequently Asked Questions