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curl executable - You will get a pre-built 'curl' binary from this link (or in some cases, by using the information that is provided at the page this link takes you). You may or may not get 'libcurl' installed as a shared library/DLL.
libcurl development - This is for libcurl development - but does not always contain libcurl itself. Most likely header files and documentation. If you intend to compile or build something that uses libcurl, this is most likely the package you want.
libcurl - This is a pure binary libcurl package, possibly including header files and documentation, but without the command line tool and other cruft. If you want libcurl for a program that uses libcurl, this is most likely the package you want.
source code - You will not download a pre-built binary from this link. You will instead get a link to site with the curl source, adjusted for your platform. You will need to have a compiler setup and working to be able to build curl from a source package.
Show All - Display all known package types.